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Merchandising Planning Examples

Page history last edited by Angelo Amponin 10 years, 9 months ago

Merchandising Planning Examples


Assignment: "Google" for merchandising planning examples like the one below. Provide a 250-word commentary on the example. Sign with your name on it and link your name to your wiki site. Re-blog your answer on your own website and your own wiki.



Merchandising Planning - posted by Paul Pajo


Merchandise Planning: PART 1, PART 2, PART 3 - Posted by Nel Mateo

Merchandise Planning Example Posted by Marie Angelie Alcoriza

Merchandising Plan Example Posted by Nelson Guinmapang

Merchandise Planning Posted by Marylyn Lim

Merchandise Plan Sample and Commentary Posted by Miguel Cueto

Merchandising Plan Posted by Kathleen Tang

Merchandise Planning Posted by Mark Castelo

Merchandising Plan Posted by Timothy Co

Merchandising Plan Example and Commentary  Posted by Steven Quilala

Merchandising Plan Posted by Michael Angelo Magat

Merchandising Plan Posted by Jan Aldrich Dorado

Merchandising Plan Posted by Luigi Dollosa

Merchandising Plan Posted by Geanu Torres

Merchandising Plan Posted by Nina tasha reyes

Merchandise Planning Example Posted By: Jennifer Angiwot

Merchandising Plan Posted by: Jecca Cervero

The Merchandise Plan Project.rtf Posted by: Marjorie Buce

Merchandising Plan Posted by Jericho Dela Rosa

Merchandising Plan Posted by Chino S. Apoloni

Merchandisng Plan Posted by Jairus V. Lansang

Merchandising Plan Posted by Angelo S. Amponin





   This particular merchandising plan could be used as a framework for a proposed web-based merchandising planning software.





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