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VERTSOL O0C 2T 2010-2011

Page history last edited by Paul Pajo 10 years ago


Section O0C

2T 2010-2011


NEW! VERTSOL Final Exams O0C 2010-2011

NEW! App Finals (Deadline 0000H (GMT+8), January 4 2010) for VERTSOL O0C 2T 2010-2011

Midterms (Deadline 0000H (GMT+8), November 5 2010) for VERTSOL O0C 2T 2010-2011

Midterm Exams (paper) also in Scribd


1. Deploy an Open Source CRM (fatfreecrm) Rails App in Heroku.com (50 points)

   a. fork http://github.com/ryanwood/fat_free_crm into your own GitHub repo

   b. clone the ryanwood app into your local repository

   c. deploy this in your own heroku.com account

   d. rename the app into vertsolcrmxx.heroku.com where xx=class number (i.e if your class number is "05" then

        the name of the app should be http://vertsolcrm05.heroku.com

   e. in heroku.com put paulpajo@gmail.com as a fellow collaborator

   f.  within the CRM app, go to the admin page and add another user - Paul Pajo, paulpajo@gmail, pw: 12345678

   g. post your CRM URL below these instructions with your name and the link to your CRM app.


2. Deploy an Open Source Showoff (showoff) Rails App in Heroku.com (50 points)

   a. fork https://github.com/defunkt/sfruby-meetup-resque into your own GitHub repo

   b. clone the defunkt app into your local repository

   c. edit the presentation so that you can "show off" the 95 Thesis (via Cluetrain Manifesto)

   c. deploy this in your own heroku.com account

   d. rename the app into cluetrainxx.heroku.com where xx=class number (i.e if your class number is "05" then

        the name of the app should be http://cluetrain05.heroku.com

   e. in heroku.com put paulpajo@gmail.com as a fellow collaborator

   g. post your Cluetrain Manifesto 95 Theses showoff URL below these instructions with your name and the link to your 95 Theses app.


YES! I now know how to deploy a CRM App and a CSS Markdown Presentation App into Heroku.com


<Name> <CRM App in Heroku URL> <95 Theses App in Heroku URL> <github fork URL of fat_free_crm> <github fork of showoff URL)(pls. add alphabetically!)


1. Arzaga, Merk Cyrile V. vertsolcrm01 cluetrain01 git@heroku.com:vertsolcrm01.git git@heroku.com:cluetrain01.git 

2.Azul, Rose An Lee U. vertsolcrm02 cluetrain02 git@heroku.com:vertsolcrm02.git git@heroku.com:cluetrain02.git

3. Balsacao,Pamela Janine M. vertsolcrm03 cluetrain03 git@heroku.com:vertsolcrm03.git, git@heroku.com:cluetrain03.git

4. Brion, Adrian S. vertsolcrm04 cluetrain04 git@heroku.com:vertsolcrm04.git git@heroku.com:cluetrain04.git

5. Calo, Francis Victor R. vertsolcrm05 cluetrain05 git@heroku.com:vertsolcrm05.git git@heroku.com:cluetrain05.git  

6. Castro, Maryrose France B. vertsolcrm06 cluetrain06 git@heroku.com:vertsolcrm06.git git@heroku.com:cluetrain06.git

7.Claudio, Rafael Lorenzo M. vertsolcrm07  cluetrain07 git@heroku.com:vertsolcrm07.git git@heroku.com:cluetrain07.git

8. Co, Earvin Bryan S. vertsolcrm8 cluetrain8 git@heroku.com:vertsolcrm8.git git@heroku.com:cluetrain8.git

9. Cortez, Ma. Tamarra  E. vertsolcrm09  cluetrain09 git@heroku.com:vertsolcrm09.git git@heroku.com:cluetrain09.git

10.Dawang, Melver     vertsolcrm10 cluetrain10 git@heroku.com:vertsolcrm10.git git@heroku.com:cluetrain10.git

11. Del Prado, Jeriel Jan vertsolcrm11, cluetrain11, git@heroku.com:vertsolcrm11.git, git@heroku.com:cluetrain11.git

12.Dela Cruz, Dianna B. vertsolcrm12 cluetrain12 git@heroku.com:vertsolcrm12.git, git@heroku.com:cluetrain12.git


14.Gagasa, Kathleen May vertsolcrm14 cluetrain14 git@heroku.com:vertsolcrm14.git, git@heroku.com:cluetrain14.git

15.Galarpe,Mark Jason vertsolcrm15 cluetrain15 git@heroku.com:vertsolcrm15.git, git@heroku.com:cluetrain15.git  http://www.nanowrimo.org/eng/wordcount/youwon

16. Garcia, Anthony Joseph M. vertsolcrm16 cluetrain16 git@heroku.com:vertsolcrm16.git, git@heroku.com:cluetrain16.git

17. Gayatao, Kristofer Niño Leo Del A. vertsolcrm17 cluetrain17 git@heroku.com:vertsolcrm17.git, git@heroku.com:cluetrain17.git

18. Lee, Margaret N. vertsolcrm18 cluetrain18    git@heroku.com:vertsolcrm18.git, git@heroku.com:cluetrain18.git

19. Lui,Melvin Chester P. cluetrain19 vertsolcrm19 git@heroku.com:vertsolcrm19.git, git@heroku.com:cluetrain19.git

20. Mahtani, Manisha E. verstolcrm20 cluetrain20 git@heroku.com:cluetrain20.git git@heroku.com:vertcrm20.git

21. Marcelo, Gerardine Joy vertsolcrm21   , cluetrain21  git@heroku.com:vertsolcrm21.git  git@heroku.com:cluetrain21.git  

23. Montano, Jilianne Leigh G. vertsolcrm23 cluetrain23 git@heroku.com:vertsolcrm23.git, git@heroku.com:cluetrain23.git

24. Muyot, Manuel Miguel J. <fat_free_crm> cluetrain24 git@heroku.com:vertsolcrm24.git, git@heroku.com:cluetrain24.git

25. Natividad, Haru F. vertsolcrm25 cluetrain25 git@heroku.com:vertsolcrm25.git,git@heroku.com:cluetrain25.git

26. Noveno, Alexander Michael vertsolcrm26 <cluetrain26> git@heroku.com:vertsolcrm26.git <git@heroku.com:cluetrain26.git>

28. Ogalesco, Louizzel Nicholle vertsolcrm28 cluetrain28 git@heroku.com:vertsolcrm28.git git@heroku.com:cluetrain28.git

29. Ordinado-Yupangco, Melissa C. vertsolcrm29 cluetrain29 git@heroku.com:vertsolcrm29.git, git@heroku.com:cluetrain29.git

30. Quing, Willard vertsolcrm30 cluetrain30 git@heroku.com:vertsolcrm30.git, git@heroku.com:cluetrain30.git

31. Raymundo, Jino vertsolcrm31, cluetrain31git@heroku.com:vertsolcrm31.git, git@heroku.com:cluetrain31.git

33. Roman, Ma. Gianina Bea M. vertsolcrm33 cluetrain33 git@heroku.com:vertsolcrm33.git, git@heroku.com:cluetrain33.git

34. Roxas, Juan Gabriel N. vertsolcrm34 cluetrain34 git@heroku.com:vertsolcrm34.git, git@heroku.com:cluetrain34.git

36. Santos, Ronald Patrick J. vertsolcrm36 cluetrain36 git@heroku.com:vertsolcrm36.git, git@heroku.com:cluetrain36.git

37. Sarmiento, Ruth Agnes S. vertsolcrm37 cluetrain37 git@heroku.com:vertsolcrm37.git, git@heroku.com:cluetrain37.git

39. Tan, Albert Edlin vertsolcrm39 cluetrain39 git@heroku.com:vertsolcrm39.git, git@heroku.com:cluetrain39.git

40.Tan,Marc Allen vertsolcrm40 cluetrain40 git@heroku.com:vertsolcrm40.git  git@heroku.com:sauce.git 

41.Torroba, Miguel Antonio vertsolcrm41 cluetrain41 git@heroku.com:vertsolcrm41.git, git@heroku.com:cluetrain41.git


Please post your name and your PBWorks Page (keep it alphabetical A-to-Z)


Arzaga, Merk Cyrile V. - PBWorks GitHub stackoverflow myopenid CRM SHOWOFF

Azul, Rose An Lee U. - http://roseanleeazul.pbworks.com/   

Balsacao, Pamela Janine M. http://phambalsacao.pbworks.com/FrontPage

Brion, Adrian S. http://adrianbrion.pbworks.com/

Calo, Francis Victor R. Github StackOverflow MyOpenID Heroku (username: leron9999) CRM Showoff Namechk

Castro, Maryrose France B. http://maryrosefrance.pbworks.com/

Claudio, Rafael Lorenzo M. http://rlmclaudio.pbworks.com/ namechk1 namechk2 namechk3

Co, Earvin Bryan S.  http://earvinbryanco.pbworks.com/w/page/10769409/FrontPage

Cortez, Ma. Tamarra E. http://tamerscortez.pbworks.com/FrontPage http://sourceforge.net/projects/cyborg/

Dawang, Melver - NaNoWriMo

Del Prado, Jeriel Jan d.L - myOpenID, Stack Overflow, GitHub, Spree, showoff, fat_free_crm, namechk (40), PayPal Invoice

Dela Cruz, Dianna B. http://diannabdelacruz.pbworks.com/ open source POS : http://sequoia-open-source-erp.en.softonic.com/ namechk

Florentino, Mary Joy I. http://royceflorentino.pbworks.com/w/page/VERTSOL-Requiremetns

Gagasa, Kathleen May C. http://kathleenmaygagasa02.pbworks.com/

Galarpe,Mark Jason G :  http://markgalarpe.pbworks.com/ ... http:github.com//hellkosmos .. http://hellkosmos.myopenid.com/

Garcia, Anthony Joseph M. GitHub Heroku Stack Overflow myOpenID CRM Showoff Namechk Namechk2

Gayatao, Kristofer Niño Leo Del A. My PBWorks  Name Check Adidas King Of The Road NaNoWriMo Winner

Lee, Margaret N. http://margaretlee.pbworks.com/ Open Source POS: http://download.fyxm.net/Photo-Pos-18925.html

Lui, Melvin Chester P. http://melvinlui.pbworks.com

Mahtani, Manisha E. - Github - myopenid - Stackoverflow

Marcelo, Gerardine Joy M. http://gjmarcelo.pbworks.com/FrontPage

Montano, Jilianne Leigh G. - Github - Heroku - Stackoverflow - myopenid - crm - showoff - JillMontano.pptx - NaNoWriMo

Muyot, Manuel Miguel J.

Natividad, Haru F. http://harunatividad.pbworks.com/  Nanowrimo

Noveno,Alexander Michael I. http://saynoveno.pbworks.com/   http://github.com/saynoveno   http://saynoveno.myopenid.com/  

Ocampo, Aldrine http://aldrineocampo.pbworks.com/f/Aldrine2.png http://aldrineocampo.pbworks.com/f/Aldrine2.png

Ogalesco, Louizzel Nicholle V.

Ordinado-Yupangco, Melissa C., http://melaieighteen.pbworks.com/browse/#view=ViewFolder&param=VertSol

Quing, Kevin Willard - http://onivek.pbworks.com

Raymundo, Jino 

Roman, Ma. Gianina Bea M. - Github -- Heroku -- Stack Overflow -- My OpenID -- CRM -- Showoff -- Namechk

Roxas, Juan Gabriel N. http://jgroxas.pbworks.com/

Ruaro, Rizalindo A. http://jrruaro.pbworks.com/w/browse/#view=ViewAllObjects

Santos, Ronald Patrick J.  -- Github -- Stack Overflow -- My OpenID -- Namecheck1 -- NameCheck2 -- CRM -- Showoff -- Nanowrimo

Sarmiento, Ruth Agnes S. http://ruthsarmiento.pbworks.com/FrontPage Open source POS =tuxpos.sourceforge.net/

Sy, John http://johnsy.pbworks.com

Tan, Albert Edlin Y. - Github -- Heroku -- Stack Overflow -- My OpenID -- CRM -- Showoff

Tan, Marc Allen Matthew S. Github--Heroku--StackOverflow--MyOpenID--CRM--Showoff--http://thatguyallen.pbworks.com/  -my reflection(addidas kotr) is on the frontpage-namechek1--namecheck

Torroba, Miguel Antonio - http://migztorroba.pbworks.com/


1. Azul - Sy, Ocampo, Dawang, Co
2. Santos - Mahtani, Lui, Brion, Castro
3. Arzaga -  Noveno, Quing, Marquez, Raymundo
4. Gayatao - Balsacao, Muyot, Ruaro, Torroba
5. Roman - Claudio, Tan (Albert), Garcia, Roxas
6. Montano - Calo, Del Prado, Gallarpe, Tan (Marc Allen)
7. Marcelo - Cortez, Sarmiento, Lee, De La Cruz
8. Gagasa - Florentino, Ogalesco, Ordinado-Yupangco, Natividad

Highlights and Lowlights
1. good turnout - I think they controlled it at 10,000 it's not as big as a RunRio race but there was a lot of turnout for the 21K (maybe that's why they ran out of bibs on the 3rd Day?)
2. pacers - Team Yahoo! paced the 5K and 10K I think. I ran with the Pace Partners who paced the 6min/km (Jun Besana & Jekoy Valle), the 7min/km (Ferdie Cabiling and Jeric San Agustin) whiel I ran with the 8 min/km (with Joey Marcelo, Joshua and Jaja Suarez)
3. new route (for me) - great route that went through the Every Nation Building, the back of SNR, then flyover then to Buendia and then back to the flyover and then to the beginning of Bayani Road
4. breakfast stub - never had hotdog and pandesal immediately after the run before
5. interesting stalls - I saw a line through Body Shop, the AdiNation registration, even QCIM

1. water - what happened to the water? I was thinking it would run out for 10K runners but 21K? there was no more water before and after the U-turn.
2. markers - there was an 11K marker at the 10K mark and and a 13K marker at the 11.4K mark - maybe they wanted to encourage newbie 21K runners that didn't have GPS devices?
3. late start - good thing the run had good weather, otherwise if the combined late start with the heat and now water, it would have been a disaster

All in all, a good run but if you've been spoiled by RunRio races, you'd be wondering now what ***OTHER*** organized race the race organizers were benchmarking from - plus, if you have Powerade as a sponsor - you'd think they'd protect their brand by making sure that the runners had plenty to drink. I didn't even bring my NIKE hydration belt to respect the race branding but I think next time, I'll bring my hydration belt

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Jeriel Jan del Prado said

at 4:38 pm on Oct 26, 2010

My POS-es
Microsoft Dynamics POS - proprietary
agileee-2010-java-pointOfSale http://github.com/jbrains/agileee-2010-java-pointOfSale

Anthony Joseph Garcia said

at 4:57 pm on Oct 26, 2010

Anthony Joseph Garcia
Proprietary POS: SourceForge
Open Source: nTPV http://sourceforge.net/projects/ntpv/

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